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Hello, my name is Dave Pipitone of songofourmarriage.com

Thank you for visiting the About Us page. You may have a few questions about who I am, what are my background and qualifications to offer you the books, products and information on this site.

My goal is to provide you with the resources to enjoy expressing your love to your spouse. Married life is about joy and love. Joy is the deepest feeling of happiness that you can experience in life.

My Personal Story
My wife Cheryl and I have been married since 1982 – the first marriage for both of us. I was 29 when I met Cheryl in June, 1981. We married each other about sixteen months after we met.

The early years of our marriage were challenging, as we struggled to know and love each other. My confession is that I didn’t know how to relate well to Cheryl. I didn’t understand Cheryl and I didn’t understand myself very well, either.

In the early years of our marriage, I was like a storm chaser. It was easy for me to brood, think the worst and become upset with my wife.

For example, Cheryl and I would be driving along and she would witness my internal conversations. She could feel a storm brewing. Unfortunately, I would blow off steam at her, which made her feel bad about herself.

These personal hurricanes shut down the loving communication and conversation in our marriage. Instead of feeling and growing in joy, we both felt miserable.

Finding the Eye of the Hurricane
My personal awareness of my limitations grew as we began working with engaged couples. Cheryl and I mentored couples who took the PREPARE inventory of their relationship before they married. Later, we hosted engaged couples in our home for several sessions of marriage preparation.

We made two Marriage Encounter retreats and met a number of wonderful, happily married couples. As we joined in talking about our marriage, and hearing the stories of other couples, we began to grow.

How Mentors Helped Me
As I wondered how we could improve our communication, I began to witness the love of other married couples. We took and led a Couples Night Out program at our Catholic parish. We read books on marriage by experts like Dr. John Gottman, Scott Haltzman, David and Claudia Arp and more.

In spring, 2009, I took the 40 day Love Dare that helped me focus on the commitment I made to Cheryl when we married each other.

How I Learned to Express My Love to My Spouse
I discovered that I needed a foundation for expressing my love to Cheryl. I didn’t always say or write out my loving feelings. I don’t know if it was a moment of grace, a flash of insight or an “epiphany,” but I created “I Treasure You” note cards.

As time went on, I began writing frequent treasuring notes to Cheryl. She loved to get these notes and she kept them in a treasuring chest.

Over time, I discovered that a marriage is a journey of the heart. That journey depends upon using a L.O.V.E. compass to navigate a treasuring map.

Love is a verb. Love takes action to express itself. The L.O.V.E. compass points me in the right direction to take action. Listen. Observe. Value. Express.

Those four compass points help me turn my heart toward my spouse and open it so that she knows how precious she is. I treasure my wife and I let her know it.

Why Love Songs and Song of Our Marriage
I wrote a marvelous love song for my wife, Song of Our Marriage in 1996. In 1998, I recorded the song. I created this website in 2005.

In November 2011, we discovered a treasure trove of songs that Cheryl’s uncle, Joe Cummins wrote. Joe loved country-western music. Both Joe and Aggie died and left their possessions to Cheryl. We sorted through Joe’s songs and found nearly 130 love songs, which we published in ebook and Kindle formats.

That’s a brief history and biography about me. Marriage is a journey of the heart last takes a lifetime. Love letters, love songs, love notes and loving actions are sure-fire ways you can express your love to your spouse. Married couples have used these methods for hundreds of years.

Every husband and wife can grow deeper in love with each other. Make sure to use the information on this site to love your spouse. Contact me if there is something that you need and you don’t find here. Leave a comment on any of the posts or articles.

I appreciate you and your visit to songofourmarriage.com. May your marriage be filled with love and good words. Express your love to your spouse today!

Dave Pipitone
Streamwood, IL USA

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