Husbands, Can You Write a Better Love Letter to Your Wife?

Writing a love letter for your wife can be like a bottomless hole in the middle of the road. It seems that can be no way to go forward without falling in. So what do you do?

Why, you fall in, of course. You fall in love. Again.

Many men ask, “How do I write a love letter to my wife? I don’t know what to say or where to begin” It’s easy, once you know the occasion and just begin with what you want to say.

The key part of the question, what is the “best thing” to say, needs a little explanation. Writing a love letter for the wife begins with knowing the occasion and timing of three things.

The Three Factors for Writing Her a Love Letter
First, know what is triggering you to write the letter. Is it gratitude for a gift of service, sacrifice for the family? Is it admiration for persistence in loving a stubborn and difficult child? Is it a major anniversary, a birthday or even a holiday, like Thanksgiving or Christmas? One you determine the occasion, you can begin to write a love letter in a context that will be meaningful to your wife.

Second, what is the timing of giving a love letter to the wife? What mood is your wife in now, what mood has she been in? Is she happy? Fearful? Depressed? Remember, moods and feelings are not wrong, they just are. They pass with time.

Love letters are often an antidote to negative feelings and multiply positive feelings. Love letters evoke strong, emotional feelings of joy, confidence, security, being supported and admired.

A love letter to a wife signals a deeper love and commitment to the marriage and the relationship. When you know what mood or feelings your wife is experiencing, you can tailor the letter to the occasion to be “emotionally intelligent” to what she is going through.

A love letter between husband and wife will be will be received with greater appreciation and will be kept and treasured.

Third, write from your heart. When you know the occasion and the timing, you don’t have to use flowery language, just express your understanding encouragement, gratitude and admiration. There are some trigger words with very positive imagery that you may want to consider, given the situation.

Let’s take the example of a wife who is pregnant with your first child. It’s the sixth month of the pregnancy and she is experiencing great fatigue. You want to write her a love letter that will lift her spirits. Let’s consider the situation. If you write a very romantic love letter that recalls the intimate relations on your honeymoon, she may not appreciate it at the moment.

Rather, she may want to know that you appreciate what she is experiencing, and understand that she needs more rest. Your letter may convey that you’re anxious for the baby to be born and the pregnancy to end, so that she can get pregnant again. The timing is not right for that type of letter.

Instead, you might write that you understand that that she is feeling drained and how much you appreciate her persistence, how lucky the baby is going to be to have a mother like her, how much you admire her desire to have a happy family and how lucky you are to be married to her.

A letter with this understanding of the occasion and timing, along with your heart-felt words, will make a personal love letter something she will keep and read years later.

Congratulations! You have just passed the bottomless hole in the road. You have fallen – in love – again.

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